Local/Organic Mediterranean Dinner

Hello again fellow treehuggers, last time I left off I had just returned from winter break and had greeted you upon my return from the West Coast with a rambling of my mind and a few snapshots of how I view the world. It was a fairly lengthy post I will keep this one short and sweet. First off we have been getting dumped on this month and have had multiple classes canceled due to Snowpocalypse: 2014, leaving our native plant garden to hibernate under a blanket of bleach white snow.


Display of the Treehouse Local/Organic Dinner

Since gardening has been out of the question, the Treehouse decided to stay toasty inside and successfully held our second house dinner of the school year. The dinner was hosted by The Foods of the Mediterranean, a local business based out of the Allentown Farmer’s Market just down the street from us. Open to the Campus Community, the dinner provided fresh made hummus, falafel, pita, whole-grain pasta salad, salad greens, tubule, and of course plenty of laughs and joyous discussion. We will be taking a break as Spring Break starts this Friday. Oh how I can’t wait to disappear into the trails of the AT.