I Like Dirt!

Hello fellow tree huggers! I am back for the next installment of the glorious and oh so informative Muhlenberg Treehouse Blog. A lot has happened since my last post and while my fellow housemates shall have covered the week by week stories I wish to share my viewpoint on everything permaculture. As winter looms in the distance, the air begins to carry a crisp chill as it blows about. Before the coming of Father Frost, the housemates were able to finish all of the seasonal weeding left overgrown from the summer months. A great “hurrah!”, for this was our ultimate task established during the beginning of the year.

Christian and I have continued with our Friday work days and our dear friend Mira has graced us with her presence repeatedly, bringing enthusiasm and vigor every time. Last Friday, with her help, we planted the first new trees at the Treehouse (fitting amirite?) two cherry trees to grow at the center of a circle of blueberry bushes. As we dawned the amethyst warpaint of choke-berry dye across our faces, the three of us went about the rest of our day in a bit more of a primal state.

During last Sunday’s garden hours the tree-mates banded together to complete the labeling of all plants located in the garden. With Simmi creating the labels, Nickie heading research, and Christian and I running about the garden, we succeeded at placing a silver sign with common and scientific name at the base of every plant in the Edible Forrest.

As Christian posted earlier about the Solar Panel Installation, I now wake up bright and early with the rising Sun to take a warming shower powered by the very thing that first created life on Earth. I have attached a picture of the solar panels during installation and the two men that put in a full days work before driving to Philadelphia to continue working all-night on a fully sustainable house. I would like to take the time to thank these two men for their hard work and friendliness in letting Christian and I help in the installation process of mounting the panels.

I guess that’s everything for now folks! Please stay tuned as the fun is just now beginning for the individuals housed in the glorious Treehouse, surely to be a staple landmark on the campus of Muhlenberg.

As Always,