Welcome Back Tree Huggers!

Welcome back everyone! I am writing to you from the new and improved Tree House, decked out in double the rags to replace paper towels, which I found conveniently stacked in my home basement. Not only does the addition of these rags mean less waste, but it also means less wash, because we can rotate the dirty ones out and wait until the second batch gets dirty before each wash.

More excitingly, the magnificent Environmental Science major Neshama Sonnenschein has joined the Tree House. Sadly this means that Ellison Hale, our Head of State, is now packing for Nepal along with Christian, his Secretary of State. They are in for a semester of peaceful environmental/ justice focused adventures. Neshama has gone on many adventures of her own in Australia, which I’m sure she’ll update you on in her coming post. Ps. they include Kangas! Ay mate.

Neshama and I both purchased the lowest meal plan this semester because of how far we are from the dining hall (the opposite side of our campus which is the size of a pin box). To make up for our lack of opportunities to attain pre-made food, we decided we are going to cook more. For this task I will be relying pretty much solely on my Kosher by Design cookbook that my dad’s girlfriend sent me along with packs of vegetable bullion. Right now the only extant food we have in the garden is our Jerusalem artichoke plant, which withstands the cold of winter underground. Sometimes I wish I could also withstand the cold of winter underground.

So my plan is to harvest the rest of the artichokes, a root veggie that behaves much like a potato but has a bit of a bitterer taste. Then I will make half of them into soup and roast the rest of them with rosemary and thyme (and maybe parsley and sage just to complete the song). I anticipate that using the oven will come as achallenge, but I’m all about challenges. Some would say that the fact I have a hard time using an oven makes me challenged.

Neshama hopefully will have some insight into this. Of course we will have to supplement our ingredients (we can’t only eat Jerusalem artichokes). I like to shop for about 90% of my stuff at the farmer’s market mostly because I like supporting small farms. It is located conveniently just blocks away from the house.

Some very exciting news to wrap up. The Tree House and Community Garden house will be holding an open house this Friday Jan 23 from 4:30-6. Hope to see you there! We will keep you posted on activity in the garden and other sustainability events. As a new member of the ENACT board, I hope to bring in more interest for the garden and other sustainability efforts involving planting and harvesting. Meanwhile I’m going to drink some tea and otherwise stay warm.

Don’t slip on the ice!

Your friendly neighborhood tree hugger,

Rebecca Herz


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